A private sale is a sale and purchase between two individuals or entities, neither of whom operate under a Dealer’s Sales License.

  • Low Interest Rates

  • The ability to negotiate the price directly with the Seller who may be more likely to reduce the price than a Dealer. Dealers have significant overheads, and therefore increase margins.

  • Loan Terms up to 7 years.

Private Sales involve slightly more work than a Dealer purchase. More checks have to be made by us to safeguard the buyer and the seller, and the Lender- checks such as:

  1. PPSR.

  2. Vendor Identity, including drivers license and banking details. .

  3. Vehicle Inspection Reports.

  4. Photos of Vehicle

The majority of Lenders do not require the vehicle to me mechanically checked as part of the process, but they do check the general condition of the vehicle and the indentifiers (rego and chassis numbers).

Prior to making a purchase on a private sale, and handing over a deposit; it is recommended you apply for pre-approval. This will provide you with the confidence of putting in an offer on the vehicle.

  1. Cars

  2. Boats

  3. Jet-skis

  4. Caravan and Camper Trailers

  5. Motorhomes and RV’s

  6. Trucks

  7. Business Equipment

  8. Yellow Goods such as Forklifts, Cranes and Machinery

Check out some of our blogs before you buy and apply.


Individuals, Partnerships and Companies / Trusts are eligible borrowers for a Private Sale.

There are certainly more risks in buying privately, than through a Dealer. Additional checks are performed on the Vendor to ensure the risks are minimised. Checks such as PPSR, Identity checks on the Vendor and vehicle inspections (non-mechanical). It is recommended you have a mechanical inspection performed on the vehicle.

Lenders will require additional checks for a private sale but they do not prefer a Dealer sale. They apply the same product and policy to both.

Yes, this is important. As part of our internal checks (PPSR) we ensure there is no finance owing on the vehicle. If there is, we organise for it to be paid out at settlement from the sale proceeds. The Vendor will have to provide us with a copy of the payout letter from their Lender.

You need to notify us if the vehicle is a repairable write off so we can notify the Lender. This will be registered on the PPSR too. Most Lenders will not finance a vehicle that has been previously written off. The loan would have to be unsecured i.e. not secured against the vehicle.

The Vendor is required to provide a copy of their drivers license and their bank details for final payment. If they are not prepared to provide this then we would have to consider an unsecured personal loan.

Normal lending criteria apply so a deposit may not be required.

Our Lenders will consider any age vehicle, however a maximum age of 15 years will provide more competitive lender options.

No, the lender does not require a mechanical inspection on the vehicle for their purposes, but it is recommended.

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