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Plan your adventure while we plan your loan. We will take all the hassle out of applying for your caravan loan. From which lender to apply through, to settling your loan; our team will handle the full process so you can relax and enjoy your planning.

Our Finance Team will ensure they find you a competitive finance package. All you need to do is find your dream caravan and begin planning your dream holiday.

Caravan & Camper loans from, one of Perth’s most reputable finance brokers. We have access to over 25 lenders with market leading interest rates. Our 5 Star Google Rating reflects the service standard our professional team of finance experts provide.

We will do all the leg work and guide you through the process of financing your new or used caravan or camper, whether it be a private sale or through a licensed dealer. We are qualified to assess your requirements and will tailor a loan that will be most suitable for your personal or business needs.

We can help you if you purchase your new or used caravan or camper through a Dealer or Privately.

Pre-Approvals are a great way to secure a loan before you purchase, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loan is approved in principle and the repayments are affordable.

If you have signed up for a loan with a higher interest rate and/or fees, we can help refinance the loan. Our finance team will review the loan, determine if there is a financial benefit and recommend a better loan.

We have loans available if you are purchasing a caravan/camper for family use or for your business.

We have associations with some of Australia’s leading Insurer’s, providing Caravan & Camper Insurance, Loan Protection and Extended Warranty Options.

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We get close to wholesale rates from our lenders, and they are generally much lower than the banks and dealer finance. With access to over 25 lenders we negotiate the lowest rates for our clients.

This is a loan using the caravan as security. The Lender registers an interest over the caravan.

Not all applicants require a deposit. It depends on their overall profile. A Lender will only ask for a deposit, to reduce their risk. Factors such as previous good credit, being a property owner or having stability in employment are factors that reduce their risk.

Generally 2-3 hours once the loan has been submitted. As a licensed broker we pre-assess your application before submitting it to the Lender, and this ensures a smoothe and quick process.

Dealer finance operators are (generally) unlicensed and therefore they have a limited lender panel to choose from. has access to over 25 lenders and get the best deal for you.

Yes, we have lenders who will refinance your existing caravan loan. Our team will pre-assess your application to ensure there is a financial benefit in refinancing.

Yes, many of our lenders will allow private sale purchases. At we make all the necessary enquiries and perform the required checks to ensure a safe process for the buyer and vendor.

Yes, we have a network of trusted dealers who help find our clients their mew or used caravans or campers.

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